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October 11, 2016

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Advisor Ghrim-0Managing Miscellania is a repeatable reward from quest Throne of Miscellania, in which the player is the regent of the nation Miscellania. The player is in charge of the subjects on the island by assigning them to collect resources. If the player maintains high popularity with the citizens and invests a considerable number of coins, the subjects will share a portion of their resources with the player. Because many of these resources are valuable, this quest reward is considered to be highly profitable. It is for an increased profit from the increased number of subjects from Etceteria at the minor expense of an increased maximum salary.

Managing the subjects

The idea is to manage the island in a way that is most profitable to the player.

Advisor Ghrim

Players can have the control over three factors that influence productivity by talking to Advisor Ghrim in Miscellania castle (1st Floor, in the big middle room):

  • The approval rates of the subjects (It can be also checked with any subjects around both islands)
  • The investment of coins in the coffers (the salaries of the subjects)
  • The resources that the subjects collect

Talking to him brings up an interface with all the options.

Players can also speak to him via the Lunar Magicks spell NPC Contact without having to visit Miscellania, but they can only ask about their approval rating and distribute what the subjects collect. Using the contact spell does not allow players to change the salary of their subjects.

Approval rating

Advisor Ghrim talking about your approval ratings in the kingdom.

Miscellania and Etceteria map-0The approval rating, ranging from 0% (bad) to 100% (good), depicts the feelings of the subjects towards the player. The approval rating automatically falls every 24 hours by 2.5% (or 1% after the completion of Royal Trouble). The approval rating can be checked by speaking to one of the several NPC subjects on the island or by talking to Advisor Ghrim.

Players can increase their approval rating by helping the subjects around Miscellania in various tasks. These tasks have a level requirement and some also require the use of tools such as a hatchet. The approval rating will only increase if the subject recognises the player's work by saying "Thanks!". Once the approval rating reaches 100%, the subjects will prevent the player from performing the task again. These tasks do yield experience, but it is not recommended that players use them to train skills due to the negligible amounts.

Two actions on the island actually decrease the approval rating and those are killing the subjects and stealing from market stalls. Since attacking is the default left-click for many citizens, care must be taken to avoid attacking them. High-level players can kill them in one hit, compounding the problem of accidental clicks. Players may wish to make themselves unable to attack by wielding a bow without arrows or a "fun" weapon, as it deals no damage when attacking. Alternatively, players can use the minimap to click where to go.

The amount of resources collected is determined by your approval rating multiplied by the amount of money withdrawn out of the coffers as a salary that day. For example, if your approval rating is 95 % and 75, 000 coins is withdrawn that day, 71, 250 coins (0.95 times 75, 000) will be spent on gathering resources for that day, and 3750 coins will be wasted.

Closest maple trees and farming patches for weed raking to the Miscellania Castle are circled in red in the picture

It is recommended to get the daily ratings to 100% for the maximum rewards and also to cut maple trees or rake weeds from a herb/flax patch to gain approval ratings fast.


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