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December 2, 2012

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The spirit graahk's teleport function will take you to a hunter area west of the nature altar. Using that along with the Ring of Duelling or TokKul-Zo allows round trips of crafting nature runes to take about 60 seconds, including filling up your pouches. To start out, withdraw essence from the bank and fill your pouches, and then withdraw the remaining essence. Teleport with the graahk, and run east until you reach the nature altar, go inside, and craft the runes, the pouches will craft runes automatically, removing the need to empty them. Teleport back to castle wars, bank, and repeat.

Adding the pouches to your action bar can help maximise efficiency. With all pouches, you can craft around ~3200 essence per hour this way. It is worth noting that players who don't have the required summoning level or simply don't want to use the graahk pouches could use the C•K•R fairy code instead to teleport to roughly the same place (but slightly closer), but dialling in the numbers will be slower and less profitable. Set C•K•R as a favourite, and enable fast teleporting to avoid dialling in the code, and teleport instantly.

Occasionally, pouches will degrade requiring the need to repair them (except massive pouches). This can be done by using either Contact NPC (and talking to the Dark Wizard) or casting Repair Rune Pouch directly on your degraded pouch; both can be found in the Lunar spellbook. Alternatively if spending RuneSpan points, the most efficient way of doing this is by wielding a Runic staff charged with contact NPC.Due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
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Runescape - Crafting Nature Runes
Runescape - Crafting Nature Runes
Runescape Runecrafting Guide - Nature Runes
Runescape Runecrafting Guide - Nature Runes
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