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July 22, 2020


The RuneScape Forums contain a selection of different areas where discussions can be had, divided into different categories. Each area or forum focusses on a specific type of discussion which are typically obvious from the forum title.

Inside a Forum are a series of discussions, with each discussion having it's own thread. A thread is a simply a series of replies by forum users. Each post is listed in the order they were made.

To reply to an existing discussion thread or to make your own thread, you will need to be logged in. Once you are logged in you will be able to see a "New Thread" link. By clicking on this you will be able to make a new discussion on a topic of your choice. Make sure that you're in the right forum and that your topic is within the rules first however.

Rather than make a new discussion it's often the case that someone else has already started discussing the issue. In which case you can simply reply to their thread. Feel free to use the Search feature to find similar discussions before you post. If it's a common issue a Jagex Moderator may have already started a discussion - these locations are best to post on as it means Jagex can easily collect the feedback.

Note that most threads are limited to 2000 posts each. In addition there are character limits to each post.

If you find you need more space per post you can make multiple posts in a row (but don't do this unnecessarily). It might also be easier and better to plan your posts out on a text editor, then reserve the right number of posts so they are in order with no gaps and then edit the content in.

If you reach 2000 posts on the thread you can simply copy the relevant points made over to a new thread. It is however standard practice to let the original thread author recreate the thread.

Features & Systems

There are a large number of features which can be used on the Forums, including:

  • Thread Search
  • User Search
  • Smileys
  • BBCode
  • Quoting
  • Quick Reply
  • Post Editing
  • Stickies
  • Locked & Hidden Threads
  • Quick Find Codes
  • Signatures


Of the four types of moderators, three have some influence on the forums. The fourth - Player Moderators - can't be identified on the Forums, nor do they have any ability beyond that of a normal player while on the forums. In addition it is considered a breach of Forum rules to identify a Player Moderator on the Forums.

Jagex Moderators

J-Mod posts have a gold background

  • Moving threads
  • Locking threads
  • Hiding posts
  • Hiding threads
  • Altering thread titles
  • Altering posts
  • Creating auto-hide threads
  • Using HTML markup

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