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December 15, 2017

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Defined properties: Item ID: 22346 Weight: 10 Value: 100

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The Dominion sword is a possible reward from the Dominion Tower minigame. It has no requirements to equip. It is wielded in both hands. This weapon is received as a random reward through the rewards chest determined by how high a player's dominion factor is.

It degrades after a certain amount of attacks or time. The sword seems to degrade into nothing after around 5 minutes of combat.

To unlock this weapon, the player must have suffered each and every type of handicap over multiple Climber runs.

It can only be used in the arena but can be equipped anywhere inside the tower. Upon leaving the tower, the Dominion sword will be unequipped or stored in your bank if your inventory is full. If both are full, it will be dropped.


  • There was previously a bug that allowed the Dominion weapons to be equipped and used outside of the tower, although a hotfix caused it to be extremely ineffective against most bosses and additionally degraded it upon attacking another player. The weapons did not degrade when used outside of the tower, but if it was unequipped for any reason, it returned to the user's inventory and became unequippable as normal.

RuneScape Promotion - Lost Sword of Raddallin
RuneScape Promotion - Lost Sword of Raddallin
Runescape Sword Glitch
Runescape Sword Glitch
RUNESCAPE god sword test out!
RUNESCAPE god sword test out!
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