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August 2, 2016

Here is my Paypal Balance of

Once the payment has cleared, we deliver instantly! We operate 20-24 hours a day.
Please check that our Live Chat is online before ordering.

What is MoneyPak and Paypal Mycash? How do I pay with them?

You can buy a MoneyPak (also called Green Dot) at any of the store locations listed on and a MyCash card at locations listed on

How it works:
Go to one of the listed locations and give them the amount that you plan on spending. They will give you a card with a 10 digit code that will be active within 30-60 minutes. That code is then used to make your purchase. That code can be redeemed only by an american PayPal. At Bogla Gold we currently have 2 american staff members who are able to redeem your MoneyPaks and Mycash cards.

Can I buy 2007/Rs3 gold with Visa/Debit/Pre-paid cards/Master Card/Vanilla Visa/Gift Cards?

Yes of course, you can use Visa/Debit/Pre-paid cards/Master Card/Vanilla Visa/Gift Cards to buy 2007 or Rs3 runescape gold without a PayPal account. Just ask our live chat how.

How does bitcoin work?

Bitcoin is a currency that you can purchase online. The first step to acquiring bitcoin is creating a bitcoin wallet. There are dozens of sites that provide this service, each with their own benefits. An example would be After you've created a wallet you can purchase bitcoins from your wallet provider.

How does Western Union work?

Western Union is a payment method which requires you to create an account online or show up at a western union location in person. The sender must attach a credit card to their online account to send money. A payment can also be sent in person through a location near them in person with cash or debit. Once the money has been sent the sender will have to give the receiver their 10 digit code given to them, their full name, country, and in some cases their phone number.

Can I ask you to Middle Man a trade?

Yes of course. When trading on the web it is always a great idea to trade safely. We offer a middle man service for a very small fee of 1-5%.

Can you feedback/vouch me on another website?

Yes! If we advertise on the website you want feedback on just link us your profile/topic.

Are you hiring?

No, please do not ask. We only hire personal friends as part of our staff in order to ensure all business transactions are conducted safely.

What services will you be providing in the future?

We plan on having more services depending on the demand that our customers express.


how to get free paypal, xbox live and runescape for free!
how to get free paypal, xbox live and runescape for free!
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How To Buy RuneScape Items And Gold! [ ]
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