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May 4, 2016

Charm sprites are fast flying

Dungeoneering ObeliskA summoning obelisk found in Daemonheim.

To summon familiars, you must be raiding a dungeon with complexity level 5+.

In Dungeoneering, Summoning has some differences compared to the rest of . One notable difference is that Summoning in Daemonheim always uses different levelled charms strictly according to the summoning level. Normal summoning includes low levelled blue charm familiars (e.g. spirit kalphite) and high levelled gold charm familiars (e.g. arctic bear). All lowest levelled Summoning familiars in Daemonheim uses gold charms and all highest levelled familiars uses blue charms, and so forth. All of the Familiars that can be summoned are different, and Summoning pouches are available in multiple Tier levels.

The update removed the need to purchase shards and pouches. Charms and components are all that are required to create Summoning pouches in Daemonheim.

The charm required for a particular pouch can be created from a higher tier charm by using that charm on an obelisk. For example: A blue charm may be used to create any familiar by downgrading to lower value charms. On the other hand, a green charm may only be used to create familiars that require green or gold charm. Gold charms CANNOT be downgraded.

They can be divided into the following categories:

There are 10 tiers of each type of familiar, they are:

  1. Cub
  2. Little
  3. Naive
  4. Keen
  5. Brave
  6. Brah
  7. Naabe
  8. Wise
  9. Adept
  10. Sachem


All of the familiars have different time limits depending on their tier and the summoning level of the player. All Tertiary ingredients for the familiars are closely connected to what the familiar does.

Bloodragers - Melee

  • Bloodragers are melee familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Bloodragers are ores, the basis of melee equipment.
  • All Bloodragers grant a melee defence bonus equivalent to their tier level.

Deathslingers - Ranged

  • Deathslingers are ranged familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Deathslingers are branches, the basis of ranged weapons and ammunition.
  • Deathslingers grant a ranged defence boost equivalent to their tier level.

Stormbringers - Magic

  • Stormbringers are magic familiars.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Stormbringers are plants from which magic armour is crafted.
  • Stormbringers give a magic defence boost that is equivalent to their tier level.

Hoardstalkers - Skill/Forager

  • Hoardstalkers are foragers. They forage materials for making items. The number of spots for storing foraged materials is equivalent to the Tier level of the familiar.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Hoardstalkers are hides, just the kinds of materials these familiars would forage.

Worldbearers - Beast of burden

  • All worldbearer familiars are Beasts of burden. Tier one familiars can carry 12 spaces worth of items, and each tier level above can carry two slots more capping at the Sachem level, which can carry 30 item slots.
  • The Tertiary ingredients for Worldbearers are bags, which, like Beasts of burden, are made for holding various items.
  • Worldbearers last for 60 minutes before disappearing.

Runescape gold charms guide 2011
Runescape gold charms guide 2011
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Runescape: Gold charm guide!
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Runescape Guide - 1-99 Summoning - Using Gold Charms
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