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May 1, 2017

The Wise Old Man meets

Sylas is the old man with a walking stick in Taverley. He can be found south of the Player Owned House portal. Talk to him and he will ask you to get two rare items in return for his magic beans:

  • The first item is a feather from the Griffin Grimgnash on White Wolf Mountain. (Go north on the east trail)

Griffin's feather

Telling a story to Grimgnash the griffin.

To reach Grimgnash, proceed to White Wolf Mountain from Taverly and follow the path that is located the farthest east along the mountain until you reach two white lines. Go through them, and up the path to reach the NPC.

The Griffin will state that it cannot get to sleep because of the howling wolves and will threaten to eat the player if he doesn't tell him a bedtime story. Grimgnash says he loves stories with death, fire and destruction...Tell him a bedtime story by selecting the options which sound the most violent:

  • I've heard you are a great and mighty griffin
  • There once was graveyard filled with undead
  • There lived a skeleton named skullrot
  • Skullrot was insane
  • Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair
  • Started to strangle the poor gnome
  • At this point, you can answer with any of the remaining choices.

Once Grimgnash is asleep, steal a feather from the pile next to his nest and go back to Sylas.

Note: If you have a low Hitpoints level, be careful. If Grimgnash doesn't like your story, he will hit you with 10-20 points of damage.

Meeting Rupert

Rupert the Beard can be found in a tower in between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain.

If you attempt to get in by the door of the tower, a rather snobby looking princess will stop you. In order to get in, you will need to go around the back and climb over the crumbling wall (58 Thieving Required).

Next, talk into the pipe and you will find yourself talking to the dwarf imprisoned at the top of the tower.

Talk to him a second time to find out how to get up the tower, and suggest that you should climb up. He will throw down his beard, climb it (59 Agility Required). Talk to the dwarf who regrettably cannot give you his helmet as the princess has stolen his armour and locked him in the tower.

He asks you to talk to princess Miazrqa, who is north of the tower. She says that she will happily release the dwarf if you get back her pendant which was stolen by a mouse in her second cousin's (twice removed) house which is the witch's house in Taverley.

Ask the princess for a door key in order to enter the witch's house or look under the potted plant just to the left of the front door of the witch's house.

Miazrqa's Pendant

Go to the basement of witch's house and wear some leather gloves to avoid an electric shock from the gate which can cause 16 damage. (Gloves can be obtained by repeatedly searching the boxes in the basement near the piano. You may also get other junk like needles and cabbages, keep trying until you get the gloves) Open the cage door and search the music stand to find some music sheets for the piano.


[RuneScape Drawing] Love Story
[RuneScape Drawing] Love Story
Runescape Love Story (Short)
Runescape Love Story (Short)
Runescape Love Story Quest!
Runescape Love Story Quest!
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