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March 26, 2017

Concentrated gold rock

Defined properties: Item ID: 776 Weight: 0.226 Value: 1

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Goldsmith gauntlets are a pair of members-only gloves that are available after completing the Family Crest quest. When worn, the gauntlets increase the Smithing experience gained when smelting gold bars from 22.5 to 56.2. There are no requirements to wear these gloves and they can be obtained by bringing the magical Family gauntlets to Avan who can be found in the Al Kharid mining site. There is a charge of 25, 000 coins to change the gauntlets into goldsmith gauntlets if you already had them set to a different pair of gauntlets. The message "Avan takes your gauntlets, takes out a small hammer, and pounds them into a slightly new shape, then hands them to you." appears as this happens. After an update he is no longer labelled "Man" but instead his real name "Avan".

Casting the Superheat Item spell on a gold ore while wearing the gauntlets gives 56.2 Smithing experience and 53 Magic experience.

When smithing gold, these Goldsmith gauntlets are better to use for experience than brawling gloves (Smithing) because they give 56.2 experience per bar, while brawling gloves only give 33.75 experience per bar, unless smelting in the Wilderness, which would yield 4 times the experience. Goldsmith gaunlets also stack with bonus experience, doubling experience up to 112.4 experience per bar.

Note: Goldsmith Gauntlets give no bonus whatsoever during double exp weekend.

Without the gauntlets, it is possible to smelt approximately 1, 250 gold bars per hour while running at max efficiency, and with the added exp from the gauntlets you can gain up to 70, 000 Smithing exp per hour.

If using superheat, it is possible to smelt around 2, 500 ores per hour, yielding up to 140, 500 Smithing exp per hour, as well as 132, 500 Magic xp per hour.

If the player has the blacksmith's gloves, then the player will still receive the 1% boost they would get from wearing them, but not the full set bonus for wearing all five pieces of the blacksmith's set.

  • Smelting gold bars while wearing the goldsmith gauntlets not only provides fast Smithing experience, it is also cheap compared to smithing platebodies, unless you make the bars at the Blast Furnace (steel and above).
  • Before Barrows armour received a small colour change in the switch to HD, many players who hadn't done Recipe for Disaster would wear these in place of Barrows gloves, since they had a very similar colour to the Barrow's armour's spikes.
  • Assuming a player mines their own gold ore, to cover the 25, 000 cost to convert the gloves, they would need the profit from 127 gold bars (based on G.E. price of 197 per gold bar).
  • It would take 231, 268 gold bars to reach level 99 Smithing from 40 while wearing these gloves, without any other experience boosts.

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