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November 30, 2018

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The Minimap (also called mini-map in documentation) is the area of the game interface in the upper-right of the screen. It shows a bird's eye schematic of the player's surrounding area, with the player at the centre.

White lines represent walls, fences, etc., although a red marker indicates a door or other penetrable features. Coloured dots act as markers to identify nearby items, players, monsters and NPCs (see below for more details). Certain buildings and features (such as water sources) are marked by icons. Quest start points are also shown on the minimap.

The minimap appears as an approximately circular area with a 19 square-length radius (see below). It does not show the map in certain areas, such as in the Barrows and Puro-Puro.


Players can navigate by clicking directly on the minimap itself. A red flag will appear to show that the server is moving the player to the area clicked on; however, if one tries to enter a location that is inaccessible (due to a door being closed, or some other obstruction) then either nothing will happen, or the game will move your red flag to the nearest point that you can travel to.

Near the top of the minimap there is a compass that can aid players as a navigation tool. The "N" arrow represents north, and the other (unlabelled) arrows represent the other directions, as with a standard compass. The other directions used to be labelled, but that was taken off because in many languages the words for west, south and east don't begin with "W", "S" and "E" while "N" for north works for most languages.

Instead of showing the direction one's character is facing, as could be expected, the compass shows the direction which the camera and minimap face. In order to throw off some macro programs, the compass and minimap are not aligned perfectly with each other and the camera.

File:RuneScape Minimap Key.png

The following colour scheme denotes different things:

  • The square white dot in the middle of the minimap marks your own position.
  • A red dot indicates an item or stack of items on the ground.
  • A white line marks a wall, usually with no effect.
  • A red line marks a door, gate or stile, which can be open, closed or inaccessible.
  • A red flag indicates the current destination of your character.
  • A purple dot indicates a fellow clan chat member.
  • A blue dot indicates another player wearing the same team cape.
  • A green dot indicates someone on your friends list.

There are no markers for followers.

The scale of the Minimap is equal to that of the official Java-based World Map at 100% zoom, or exactly 16 pixel-lengths2 = 1 square. Alternatively, the conversion 4 pixel-lengths = 1 square-length may be used. When perfectly aligned along the horizontal and vertical axes, the Minimap displays a circular area with a radius of exactly 19 square-lengths.

User interface icons

The minimap includes four icons, also referred to as Status Globes, representing from top to bottom: Hitpoints, Prayer, and energy. To the left of each icon is a number representing the player's remaining points in that category.

The Hitpoints icon shows the player's remaining Hitpoints. The background of the icon will drain in colour as the players Hitpoints are reduced. Also, the colour of the numbers next to the icon will change from green, to yellow, to red, then begin to flash as a player loses more Hitpoints, and you will hear a soft heart beating noise. The background will turn green if the player is poisoned or yellow if the player is diseased. If the player has cure for poison/disease in their inventory, they can click on the icon and will use up one dose of the antipoison or Relicym's balm. If the player has different kinds of antipoison (such as regular antipoison and super antipoison), the highest level will be used (so in the above example, super antipoison would be used if the Hitpoints icon is clicked). If the player has the Prayer book from The Great Brain Robbery, the icon will not cure the poison; the player has to manually use the prayer book.

The Prayer icon shows the player's remaining Prayer points. As with the Hitpoints icon, the background will drain and the numbers will change colours as the player's Prayer is reduced. This now has the option to toggle quick prayers on and off. These quick prayers can be set by right-clicking the Prayer icon and choosing "select quick prayers" this opens a menu which a player can choose which prayers they want activated when enabling quick prayer. If the player already has prayers on, toggling the quick prayers on will turn them off and turn on the quick prayers. If a player toggles the icon again, the prayers turn off. If a player turns on prayers without toggling the prayer icon, he or she can turn the prayers off completely by toggling the icon two times quickly. This is a good strategy to reduce prayer point usage.

The Energy icon shows the player's remaining energy, or how long one can run before walking. A player can also click on it to toggle running on or off. The background will also drain as energy is reduced. The option to rest is accessed by right-clicking the Energy icon.

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