My Runescape account Got Hacked

January 11, 2021

Help my runescape account got

Hi guys, It's the first time for me to talk in gamefaq, but recently my account got hacked AGAIN, and I just want to share my experience with everyone.

So i've been a runescape player since 5-6 years ago, my main account is lvl 75 with a good 3.6mil I made from woodcutting and killing monsters in pve. But a few years ago I got scammed and hacked almost at the same time and lost all my valuable properties and essence of hard work.

That got me to quit the game.

Recently I felt like going back to oldschool runescape and give runescape another go. I made another account and wanted a fresh start, so I trained my character and made myself a decent 100k with few hundred pieces of cowhides stored in my bank, and somewhat decent armour. It wasn't a lot, but its all I've got, and I'm happy with it.

Until today, I checked my account, and everything that seemed kind of valuable got stripped away from me again. That hacker even took my amulet of strength for god sake...and that was quite some experience I would say.and extremely demotivating...

I suppose it was my own fault not setting a long enough password and having a bank pin for my account, so I'm here as a victim of hackers, and just wanna notify the people here to SECURE YOUR ACCOUNT so that hackers CAN'T ruin your game.

Runescape is a wonderful game full of elements to explore and fun aspects for us to enjoy, but I feel like I'm not gonna come back for it again because of how demotivated I am. At the same time I wish the people who see this will not make the same mistakes I made, and never feel the same way I'm feeling right now.


My runescape account
My runescape account
Growtopia-My Account Got Hacked!:(
Growtopia-My Account Got Hacked!:(
My Account Got Hacked
My Account Got Hacked
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