How to sell Runescape Accounts?

January 9, 2017

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An account’s character name is the name that is displayed on all features relating to RuneScape; including in-game, on the forums, the Adventurers’ Log, and in the Hiscores.

Your character name is different from your login Username. Your login Username will never change.

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Can I change my character name?

Members are able to change their character names. There are two methods of

Why didn't you return my name?

We hold a lot of data behind the scenes here at Jagex and so we are confidently able to determine just who changed the name, and when. If your name wasn’t returned then it is likely because we believe that it was you who had set it.

Why is the name I want not available?

You may be unable to choose certain names due to them being already taken by another player, being blocked by our filter for being offensive to other players in the community, or the name was associated with a banned account.

Why has my character name changed?

If your character name was removed then all you need to do is select a brand new name and you are then free to continue on your adventures!

Below are some of the reasons why character names have been removed.

1. Account Inactivity

There have been hundreds of millions of RuneScape accounts created and each account needs a name. Character names are released from accounts that have not logged in for a substantial period of time. Some names may still be available and you may still be able to choose the name again to retain it on the account. If the name is no longer available you will need to select a different name.

2. Character name was offensive and banned

Offensive names are banned at the discretion of Jagex. Players who repeatedly have their names banned for being offensive will have a new name generated by Jagex, and will not be able to select a new name for one year.

Can I swap names between accounts I own?

There is no safe way to swap names between accounts.

If you want to keep a hold of your character name then we suggest keeping it on the account. There is always the possibility of names being taken once you release it from the account. If this is to happen then we strongly recommend selecting a new character name as we are unable to assist with placing the name back onto the account. The name would have been taken by a legitimate player.

Can you reserve a name for me?

We are unable to reserve a name for players.

Your most recent name remains linked to your account for a short time. This means if you want to try out a new name then you will be able to revert back to your previous character name if you change it within the allotted time. Please be aware that only your most recent character name is reserved to your account, for example:

L33tklrqueen changes her name to EliteKillerQn. L33tklrqueen is held in reserve by that player for a short time.


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