RuneScape free to play

April 22, 2016

RuneScape - Free to Play

  • Requirements
    1. Combat 5+
    2. Not very crowded
  • Disadvantages
    1. Far from bank
    2. Drops not stackable and excessive

You can get Prayer XP rewards or Lamp XP rewards from the free-to-play quests below:

You can also get reward books after completion of the Combat Academy at Lumbridge. There are 21 Reward books to win, and they all give a large amount of xp. You can get a maximum of 3 per lesson, and you can get all 3 if you manage to get the 'Legend' rank. You must get the Legend rank in all 7 lessons to get the maximum 21 reward books.

The Lumbridge/Draynor tasks give four one-time lamp rewards giving 500xp, 1, 000xp, 1, 500xp and 9, 000xp for the Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard tasks, respectively. That is a total of 12, 000xp, however the Hard tasks (9, 000xp) requires 45 Prayer to get anyway.


Dungeoneering provides a new method of training Prayer, though needing to train other skills as well. This is best done by killing most monsters in the dungeon, who will give varying types of bones: regular bones, bat bones, big bones, dragon bones or even frost dragon bones if you are lucky. Players are advised to open the dark spirit doors and turn experience share on, since it will lead to stable experience. Lastly, the mastyx should be all killed, as they give big bones, and these "big bones" can now be used on altars. (A bug that prevented this was present when altars were added to dungeons, but this has been fixed). All other bones can also be used on the altars, granting 4 times the normal experience. Please note mastyx are classified as hunter resources (for members) and do not affect the Dungeoneering experience received at the end of the floor in any world.

Bones can be saved and "used" on altars, granting four times the experience. This may be especially worthwhile with big bones and dragon bones. To free up your inventory space, you can place bones on the table in the Smuggler's room without fear of them disappearing. However, if you drop bones on the floor, they WILL disappear after a while.

A list of free-to-play monsters not dropping bones:

All floors Frozen floors Abandoned floors Furnished floors

Power levelling by purchasing bones or ashes

There is only one way to power level Prayer: burying bones, big bones, impious ashes, or accursed ashes bought from the Grand Exchange.

To attain level 45 from zero experience merely by power levelling, 13, 670 bones are needed, costing 2, 296, 560 coins. See below for an idea of which type of bone or ash is the cheapest. It is possible to bury one bone every game tick or 0.6 seconds. At 28 bones per inventory and about 3 seconds for banking, one inventory will take 33 ticks, for about 5090 bones per hour. To approach this theoretical limit, one should find a server with minimal lag, use a bank Preset, and place the bones or ashes on the Action bar.

As an alternative Accursed Ashes can be bought and scattered. Prices change and sometimes a different method may be at a cheaper experience/cost ratio. Time wise, the big bones are fastest.

  1. It takes 2, 896, 541 bones to get from level 1 prayer to level 99 prayer at 486, 618, 888 coins in the GE.
  2. It takes 868, 963 big bones to get from level 1 prayer to level 99 prayer at 309, 350, 828 coins in the GE.
  3. It takes 1, 042, 723 accursed ashes to get from level 1 prayer to level 99 prayer at 220, 014, 553 coins in the GE.
  4. It takes 3, 258, 608 impious ashes to get from level 1 prayer to level 99 prayer at 309, 567, 760 coins in the GE.

Scattering Ashes

Scattering ashes for Prayer experience was introduced into the game on the 15th of February, 2011.

Demonic creatures such as Lesser demons and Imps will drop ashes which can be scattered for Prayer Experience. These will be Impious ashes (from Imps and Fiends) and Accursed ashes (Lesser and Greater demons).

Scattering impious ashes will yield 4 Prayer experience and Accursed ashes will give 12.5 experience. Bringing Prayer urns with you will increase the experience gained over time, and save scattering time. (The effective average of accursed ashes + urn gives the same experience as big bones.) Unfortunately, players cannot use traded ashes to utilize the urns, so they must kill imps and demons instead. Having a high combat level means that a player can obtain ashes more quickly.


Cremation is a prayer ability that was released in the 2014 Hallowe'en event. It allows one to use bones on a Fire. Doing so uses the bone and gives prayer experience equal to 2.5 times the base experience and Firemaking experience. Each bone takes 2.4 seconds to cremate, or 1.8 seconds with perfect clicking. One cannot cremate ashes. Players can still obtain the cremation ability as a rare drop from ghost-like monsters. The cost to power level using cremation will be about 40% of the above numbers.

Bonus Experience

One method of training prayer that is easy to overlook is bonus experience from Fallen stars. Normally, free players cannot use bonus experience, but recently, they have been able to during Bonus XP Weekends, along with a 20% boost. The combined boost gives players 2.2 times the normal experience for various actions. These include burying bones and scattering ashes, but not cremation or lamps. The mechanics of bonus xp weekends are subject to change.


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