Famous people that play Runescape

August 6, 2016

Seeing Random famous people in

  1. Be sure to have 100% run energy. Again, you may want to carry objects that can restore it.
  2. Put on some armour that looks at least somewhat expensive, such as rune armour. Don't try to look super-rich, but looking rich is key to being very annoying.
  3. Follow someone around using the follow command. Start to beg for money or rare items.
  4. Say "Can I have money please" or something similar to that. Be sure to say "please". Try to annoy the player as much as possible. Speak in 'leet', also known as 1337.
  5. If he/she runs away from you, follow closely behind and once they stop, use the follow command again. Beg in the most annoying fashion then leave once you get bored.
  6. If you are called a noob, say "You don't understand. Give me money or I'll devour your femur." Begin acting more and more like a stalker, or alternatively begin to say even more 'noob-like' things such as, "Fr33 $+00f p10x!" Again, leave when you have had your fun.

Method 3

Questionable language
  1. Again, make sure your run energy is full. You may need it for the most annoying tactic ever.
  2. Follow someone and add the player to your friends list.
  3. Trash talk him/her. Say the most obnoxious things, and if necessary, curse. You don't even have to speak in leet. If the player has the profanity filter on, any curse words or vulgarity you might say will appear in stars. If you really want to get on his/her nerves, purposely misspell your words.
  4. Ignore anything the player says and just keep on doing it. Follow him/her around for as long as you want. If the player threatens to report you, merely make fun of his/her shoes or something.

Method 4

Forgotten friendship
  1. You probably have friends you don't remember in your friends list. First off, message one of these friends saying "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!"
  2. After that, he/she should say "what" or something close to that.
  3. Carry on the conversation and later on, say that this is your friend from school. Give the friend clues as to who you are.
  4. Later, say a fake and simple name like John or Jason.
  5. Say to meet the friend in the lunch room tomorrow and explain what you will be wearing. This is a great way to end the conversation.

Method 5

Lying about famous players
  1. First in a spot where there is a lot of people, start shouting "Oh my god is that who I think it is?!?" and stuff like that. When people say "what?" go on to step 2.
  2. Say "Look it's Feartrip oh my god its Feartrip look everyone it's Feartrip I can't believe this".
  3. Soon people will be saying "Where, where is Feartrip?". Ignore them and carry on telling everyone that Feartrip is around.
  4. Wait a few minutes, then start again claiming it is someone else. You can pretend Elvis is there, or any of the J-Mods. Think of as many famous players as possible.

Method 6

Downplaying high levels
  1. First, go to a crowded place, where people are likely to have skillcapes, such as the GE. Click follow, and follow the player around until talked to.
  2. When the player asks what you want, ask him/her what level the skill is, in accordance to his/her skillcape. (Ex. they wear Constitution cape, "What is your Constitution lvl?")
  3. Ask the same thing over and over again.
  4. Start spamming and tell the player that he/she is lying as soon as you get an answer.
  5. If the player does not talk, spam with text effects. Saying "Cyan:Wave:@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" is a fairly good way.

Method 7

Friend drama
  1. Pretend to be best friends with an easily annoyed person but always ignore what he/she says. When you get bored say "It's over!" and leave.
  2. Not answering them is key!
  3. Publicly announce that you are best friends with the person, like "Me and -his/her username here- are best friends forever!"
  4. If the player doesn't get annoyed, leave.

Method 8

Fake stake or firemake
  1. Go to Al Kharid and go to the duel arena.
  2. Deposit all your expensive items in the bank next to the hospital. Leave items nobody wants like potatoes and lettuce. Also remember to un-wield your armour and weapons and put them in the bank.
  3. Say something like 'Staked match, no forfeit! Want higher combat level!'
  4. This will attract lots of challenges. Choose the highest combat level and duel.
  5. Lose. This will really annoy the challenger because he/she is probably thinking they'll get some sort of rare but all they end up with is a potato!
  6. Alternately, you can stop someone who is trying to practice firemaking.
  7. They will be doing it in long streams, so after the player has made about 3 and you know what direction the fires are going in, make a fire right in his/her path to interrupt him/her. This is not illegal or against the rules and is a good way of stopping bots!
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