Can you play RuneScape on iPhone?

October 25, 2016

Hello from iPhone 4 SRL!

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Please make runescape app

by noone112358

Cone on there are 1000s of rs players with iPods or iPhones and gladly pay 99c to like 5$ for a runescape app were they could play rs with relative easiness it would be hard but if you put some work in to it and make it not only will all the players of runescape want it you will get more costumers you could even make a free app were new player could do something like the tutorial island and once the relies how awesome this game is they will play to making a rs app for iPod / iPhone would make you more popular and make you more money and make your old costumers happier you would gain something and we would gain something I hope I have help convince you and you will make a app for rs thanks hope you read this

Jagex PLEASE listen

by Mattmanoly

A year ago I played runescape and it was very popular I eventually stopped playing and moved on, a few weeks ago I decided to get back on and was very surprised to see less than half the players online then when I used to play, and there weren't even any full worlds! My point is you need something to pick runescape back up, and I think a lot of us agree that a runescspe app, would do just that! Runescape is far gone from its golden days, however an app could bring those days back, I am a lover of the game, and an app could make even more! Please listen to all of us!

Time for some updates


Of course this is a great idea, but I think everyone agrees it's time for an update.

Also, I know everyone and their mother has already said this, but I really think Jagex and Runescape would profit from a mobile version. Even if it didn't encompass all aspects of the computer game, it would open up the game to a different audience (which the game sorely needs) and would allow loyal players a way get some training done on some of the more grinding skills when away from the computer. It is 2013 and I think everyone was expecting it to be here by now.


How to play runescape on your iPhone
How to play runescape on your iPhone
Prove that you can play runes ape on iPhone/touch no jailbreak
Prove that you can play runes ape on iPhone/touch no jailbreak
how to play runescape on your ipod-iphone(control your pc)
how to play runescape on your ipod-iphone(control your pc)
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