Runescape Wanted! Quest

March 12, 2021

Fighting the weakened Solus

Commorb menu

Official Briefing

Quest Release Date: 17 October 2005

A dangerous, exiled criminal called Solus has returned once more to threaten the civilised lands of RuneScape.

The White Knights responsible for dealing with this threat don't seem capable of meeting the challenge... perhaps some adventurer can succeed where they have failed?

Use all of your tracking skills, and a little Temple Knight technology, to track him down and bring this criminal to justice once and for all!

Start Point

Begin by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park.


  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Length: Short

Getting Started

Firstly, speak with Sir Tiffy Cashien in Falador Park. Ask if he has any jobs for you, and he lets you know that a clerk has made an error and that you're not actually permitted to join the Temple Knights if you're not in the order of the White Knights. It turns out you have to work as a squire for 5 years... Or take Tiffy's alternative.

He'll talk for a little longer about a loophole, then he'll ask you to go see Sir Amik Varze in the Falador Castle.

Sir Amik Varze

Jagex Account Guardian (JAG) can save your account!Find Amik and he'll ask you to become a squire after a small conversation. Decline his offer, and the conversation will continue. It turns out that there needs to be a crisis for you to become a knight, so go report back to Tiffy. You'll have to talk to him then go back to Amik, you "old bean." But it turns out that you are "a human bean... I mean being!"

Head on back to good ol' Varze, that old bean. He tells you the news that some bad guy named Solus is back, the "infamous murder-mage." Follow the very unclear conversation through to the end and accept his mission.

The Communication Orb

Now for the age-old last resort, back to Tiffy, that old bean. It turns out you're just the "agent." Now you'll have to make an item for him, or you could just buy it. You can hand over a law rune, a slayer gem, and a molten glass and Tiffy will make it for you, or you can just pay him 10k. Either way, you'll get a Commorb.

Commorb Options:

  • Scan - once in range, you can scan for Solus to find him.
  • Contact - allows you to contact Savant.
  • Use - just your normal, everyday "use" option.
  • Playback - will give you your current and past assignments.

If you choose contact, you can talk to Savant. It turns out you should investigate the Taverley Dungeon and you should also take a look at the Zamorak Mage that helps in Runecrafting.

Congratulations, quest complete!Taverley Dungeon

For our first stop, let's head over to the Taverley Dungeon. Go south past the Animated Axes, past the Hill Giants, and into the Black Knight's rooms. In the southwestern-most room is Lord Daquarius. Savant advises you not to try to bluff him into giving you something. Go kill a level 44 Black Knight and he'll give in. He tells you that Solus is in a place with a lot of fur that is not bear fur.

Zamorak Mage

If you haven't yet begun the Zamorak Mage mini-quest, you can find the Zamorak Mage at the mouth of the river north of Edgeville. You must speak to him and begin the Zamorak Mage mini-quest first, after which time he will move his location to Varrock.

The Zamorak Mage in Varrock (near the Chaos Altar in the southeast corner of the city) tries to take your Orb, but Savant doesn't let him. He offers to trade his information for 20 Rune or Pure Essence. Dash up to the bank and grab them. Your character very smartly figures out he's in Canifis. Grab your Ectophials, folks, and away we go!

Chasing Solus

Head to Canifis and when you are about to reach the town center scan the area. Solus Dellagar will appear and teleport away. From this point on, you'll be chasing Solus throughout RuneScape, and each time you find him you'll receive an item. That item is a hint for where to go next. These items are always random, so here's a list of items that you may receive, along with where you should go:

Warning: After finding Solus for the third or fourth time, he will cast Flames of Zamorak on you which will reduce your lifepoints by a significant amount (up to 95%). However, you will be protected enough from Savant to not be killed. Therefore, avoid wearing a ring of life during this as it may teleport you away unnecessarily.

Warning: The last place you find Solus at, you will also be confronted by a level 34 Black Knight. Additionally, be sure to pick up any pets or familiars before entering the Rune Essence mine; otherwise your pet will attack you!


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