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October 5, 2020

Runescape 07 Guides

Posted ImageF2P pure from scratch guide

First of all, why this guide? Well i made this guide because i really like F2P PKing and i hope that a lot of people will join Runescape F2P servers to go PK!

And this guide is to help some people out with that. I hope its useful to you.

Your great adventure will start here:

So once you finished the tutorial island your screen should look like:

You should bank all your stuff and head over to the Barbarian Village. Just go to world 308 and ask people for cooked fish. You can also get free 10k from walking through the 3 dungeons in the Stronghold of Security. You can do the 4th floor for the fancy boots/spikey boots with a little bit defence bonus. Bring food!

Once you got yourself some food to use, go to the wild and loot around 100-200 adamant arrows and any adamant/rune items if you see them.

You can easily sell them for around 90 each in the Edgeville bank in world 308.

Posted ImageYou should go to the Varrock range shop after you got yourself a little bit of cash and buy some shortbows with alot of bronze arrows. Bronze are probably the best arrows since they go for like 6 gp each.

Teleport back to Lumbridge and try to kill some imps for the beads. If you get more colors of a bead, keep those because the beads can be sold for like 1-5k cash.

Once you got all the 4 types of beads you should go to the wizard tower west of Lumbridge and finish off the imp catcher quest

After that you should train some range lvls, you can either train in Lumbridge on cows and loot the hides for cash or just train at some higher monsters. If your killing higher monsters you better just safespot them like i did in this image

After you got like 20 range you should go to the hill giants and kill these for limpwurt roots and/or big bones. If you dont got any brass keys you can enter the dungeon at Edgeville and walk all the way around. You should see a grey mining pit. In that mining pit is a brass key

Posted Imagespawn.

If you got some roots just sell them and buy more arrows if that's needed. The roots go for like 2k+ each.

For the melee training you want to start the vampire quest at Draynor Village.

Just take the garlic out of the cupboard after you started it and head your way to varrock.

Buy a beer and give it to mister Harlow, ask him about killing a vampire and after that buy a hammer from the general store.

Enter the Draynor Manor building and go downstairs, take food and armour with you!

Posted ImageJust kill the vampire and here you go! 1-20 attack in 1 simple quest.

Since you got 20 attack, is the mithril scimitar probably your best weapon at the moment. So just go to Al Kharid and buy one for 1k.

Buy yourself some decent melee gear like this:

Make your way to the man's in Edgeville and get some nice xp.

If you reach like 15 strenght or higher you can also kill monk's in the monastery next to Edgeville. These monks can heal you if you talk to them.

If you got yourself some food and want to go and kill higher monsters you can go back to barbarian village.

So for the mage part, you should buy an fire staff and like 2k air runes and 1k mind runes in the varrock magic shop.

You can just go back to the hill giants if you want to make some cash while training mage, or just safespot monsters like lesser demons, zombies and skeletons.

When you reach 33 magic, you can use telegrab spell. So you can tele-grab high value items like rune med helms when your at lesser demons.

Another money making and little magic xp guide is getting wines of zamorak at the chaos altar north of Fallador. Make sure you use tele-grab otherwhise the monks will attack you!

These wines sell for around 1k each so that's like 750gp profit.

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